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Power Steering Supply Pipe (Manufactured to order)

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Item Weight: 525g


It is prepared by special order. Production Time is 7 days

Citroen Xantia Power Steering Pipe

Citroen Part Number: 4023 H8
Please check the type and part number as there are several similar pipes for Xantias with slightly differing part numbers

We made a small change in production in order to ensure smooth transportation and ease during assembly.
We have increased the quality of the pressurized hose, made the outlet pipe portable so that they can be separated from each other during assembly and easily connected to each other after the necessary adjustments are made. We put the parts together and kept them at a constant 130 bar oil pressure for 16 hours and we decided that it was OK.
I think we are making a production that will continue to serve your vehicle for many years. smile


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