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Hydraulic Return Hoses

Dear visitors,
All products on sale have been calculated with shipping time for Turkey.

For each country, the shipping time is different. It takes between 15 to 30 days.
After shipment you will be informed by e-mail.

We thank you for your understanding.

In Stock: 6

Brake Center Return Hose

95,99 TL

Item Weight: 210g

In Stock: 104

Front Strut Return Pipe

48,00 TL

Item Weight: 50g

In Stock: 29

Hydraulic Return Pipe Loom "Made in Turkey"

461,74 TL

Item Weight: 1006g

In Stock: 100

Rear Suspension Return Pipe Fitting

41,14 TL

Item Weight: 10g

In Stock: 49

Return Pipe Y Pipe Blue

41,14 TL

In Stock: 48

Return Pipe Y Pipe Yellow

41,14 TL

Item Weight: 10g

In Stock: 6

Suspensiyon Hydraulic Return Loom

287,97 TL

Item Weight: 210g

In Stock: 1

Xantia Hydraulic Return Pipe Loom

418,24 TL

Item Weight: 1006g