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For money transfer, please pay in EUR or USD.

Due to the economic uncertainties in our country, money transfers made in Turkish Lira currency for a certain period of time will not be accepted.



Welcome to our web page,

We are enjoying the products of the hydraulic parts we produce with our own brand through this platform. Our aim is to respond to your needs and especially to prevent the shortage of parts experienced in our country and to avoid the high prices of the desired parts.

Our products are produced by our own registered trademark Haydrauk ™ abroad and are offered to you in response to all these Citroen (Hydraulic System) vehicles.

We are only in the beginning phase, so we are only working on remittance procedures. Please wait for confirmation of the product from us after the order and make the payment after that.

We wish all visitors and customers good driving.

Haydrauk™ / Dr. Xantia Team


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