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1. General

From now on, it will be known as benim drxantia “and it is my principle to protect the privacy of the visitors to the websites of drxantia.com. Fuzzy, this privacy statement (ın Privacy Statement iş) explains how our website can be retrieved by drxantia, what kind of rooms are intended for modern users. You will also need a specific subject in this Privacy Statement. This can be accomplished with DrXantia.

This Privacy Statement does not apply to other linked sites from the drxantia site (linked websites).

2. Collection, use and processing of personalization

Informed, personal information and information about their customers, only if this service enters data with the consent of its customers or in the case of consent. It is an indication that the data is entered or agreed with the terms you wish to be set in the language of consent in this respect.

By visiting our site, system management, statistics and larda backup ist applications will be stored automatically on our information servers where requested. This service includes the name of your Internet service provider, your IP address on the site, the version of your web browser software, the operating system in the area where the hotel is located, the website that guides us, the site sites on our site, and the contents of the pages you use to find our site. Depending on the situation, such data, conclusions about the site visitor are extracted. However, no personal information will be used in this context. Such personal private data is only anonymized and optional. If DrXantia redirects you to an outside service provider in this room, you must direct your existing regulations in the assurance of verification.

In the case of your own personal information, drxantia will use, transmit or process the information provided in the law or in the consent date of the visitor in accordance with the date of the season. The transfer of such personal information to third parties shall be in question only if it is foreseen by judicial or administrative authorities.

The history-based planning of this Privacy Statement will be published on this subject. In this context, you will provide you with up-to-date information on where the size belongs and where it is stored.

3. Security

drxantia, your information is stored securely; This information is confidential and does not use it any other place where the contractual partners, whose contractual obligations are accessible to any loss, infringement, DrXantia, to deliver the necessary service charge. DrXantia is shared with affiliates. This information will also be confidential.

4. Information about children, personal information

The drxantia website has adults pre-directed and the drxantia website is not intended for children. drxantia is not interested in information about children under 14 years of age. drxantia will provide clear directions to a child in a suitable place where they do not send the information of any person to such children. If the parents of the parents or legal guardian determine the personal membership of one of the members of the guardianship, they are being brought to DrXantia, and if they are voluntarily requested, if you wish to do so, you are staying here with us immediately (see Article 6). In such a case, the information will be deleted without delay.

5. Cookie ("Cookies")

6. Web Monitoring

This website collects and stores data for marketing and optimization purposes with Google Analytic technology. These data may be set to anonymized Cookies.

The data collected by our users on an open deal page with Google Analytic technologies does not use this way to make a personal visitor's identity and will not be combined with any other personal information if they are anonymous.

7. Requests and questions

Stored information will be deleted by DrXantia if DrXantia is no longer desired. However, of course you can request that you deleted at any time. You can also use your personal information in planning, personal time