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Haydrauk is a technical and engineering complex with brilliant  Back ground  that has been spreading  activity in  designing plus producing  special industry parts for various industrial and vehicles  also this complex portion of most initiator complex for show ing the best engineering  solutions.   

the higher privileges of this company ean imply to have engineers and technical knowledge wich is specifically for this complex in production process field , material science , investigation and development ,designing and making products better continually plus marketing all gathered these privileges  for a group who is in a big and unstable market cause to put as priority the spread users tastes more than other issue this complex for passing through this way and presents the bests has to continually equipping himself in highest degree of science so this point causes team  to be tablet  of Haydrauk .

Haydrauk company by leaning on his colored background in hydraulic industry his basket of productions has spreaded in parts of automobile which are direct relation to to this system  moreover obviously  can imply to power steering hydraulic system ,brake, suspension  and automatic gearbox consideration that special conditions besides complicated. Xantia hydro pneumatic system has existed by Haydrauk for entrance to Asia market, presented to users a perfect basket productions of this system.

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