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Informing About Payments

Reading here will make your shopping easier.

Shipping Price

Shipping fees will appear when you register or enter your delivery address.

For money transfer, please pay in EUR or USD.

Due to the economic uncertainties in our country, money transfers made in Turkish Lira currency for a certain period of time will not be accepted.



! If your country is not visible on shipping options please contact us so we canupdatewriteaddit for you. !

What are the Payment Options?
Since we are not a member of the European Union, we are unfortunately restricted in many applications and payment methods. We do not have any payment method other than Western Union, UPT, KoronaPay and IBAN number transfer.
Why is there no Paypal option?
I want to pay by credit card.
Can I make a transfer to the account with the Swift code?
What is Western Union?
How can I pay with Western Union?
What is UPT payment method?
What currency should I pay in?